Sky and Wonder

by Eric Matthew

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Recorded at Cottage Street, Flint Street, Cox Hall, and Shewan Recital Hall from 2013 to 2016.


released May 30, 2015

Eric Andersen (vocals, piano, clarinet, melodica, ukulele, etc.)
Tyrell Decker (vocals, guitar)

Artwork by Eric Andersen

Thanks to all who listened and gave valuable feedback

Thanks to God for breath and life



all rights reserved


Eric Matthew Rochester, New York

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Track Name: Wasting Time
Oh you and I found a quiet trail
Through the mossy woods, it’s a happy life
We don’t need a lot, just a TV show
An empty room, and a warm embrace

But when will we take the public life
Give up our lives, for the rising light
Might come real soon, or not at all
I await that call, hope you hear it too

I give my best to my closest friends
To co-workers, pay the dividends
Wanna do much more, and it starts to grow
A single flame is not much glow

But a rising tide, or a spreading smile
Infect the beach, like the falling snow
And I’ll give my best, all my words and thoughts
I will give these hands, I will work late nights

I hope for you that you take it too
That you see the light, that you hold it close
Then all my time, won’t have wasted it
If I can give one smile, to another life

And it’s hard to smile, I can see your pain
It’s been building up, but it’s not in vain
You will be so strong, oh I hope to God
You’re not wasting time, it’ll all work out
Track Name: On Your Own
Why such high pressure?
Where has the time gone?
We're getting older
Where have our dreams gone?
I closed my fists on what was in reach
And clenched them tight

You would have found your way
On your own

Its getting harder
To get on my feet now
Thought I was endless
And perfect, a wonder
I said come here
Walk this way with me
I showed you the future
But now it's out of reach, it seems

You would have found your way
On your own

Have I gone mad, what is left to say?
I hate where I'm at, but I wouldn't have it any other way

Four years ago, I started driving
You were enticed, you were enraptured
I rode the streets too hard
And ground them into dust
Now I'm spinning out, I can't see anything

You would have found your way
On your own
Track Name: The Garden
Bells are ringing, glowing rows of smiles
Thought that I would be so happy, at least for a while
Will someone point me in the right direction to life
Wind it rises, birds they fly in that sole direction

I raise a glass to the moon
For like a wolf I draw strength from the blood I take
I raise my voice to the moon
For like a wolf I gain life from the blood I'm given
I raise my eyes to the Son
Who's blood is stained on the tree of life for me

Walking lonely, ahead I see a hill
A tree stands on it, and crimson red drips from its limbs
I rush forward, eager to wash myself clean
I wake up, still holding on to what I saw in sleep

And in my dreams, all I see
Are those red halls, the feel of moss beneath my feet
And in my mind, all I see
Are garden trees and a house with many rooms
And in my eyes, this I see
We eat and drink with our Great White Host
Track Name: With You Always
Close your eyes, I leave tonight
Do not cry, it is for you I leave to die
My hands and feet, with blood they stream
I will be with you always

This is not home, I don't belong
There is no nest or hole
For me to live or die
So I must rise, and climb the skies
I will be coming back one day, not far away
You won't be lonely
For I will always be with you my love
Track Name: Sky and Wonder
You are the only one

Flying high the air is free
I'm giving out the air I breathe
Empty vowels into the canyon
Below the rocks and dirt are reflecting
Cold rushes fast over me
Red dots on a white field rising
From below a spotlight buzzes
Telling me what I already know

You are the only one

Above me the sky is raw
I'm washing my skin in its present roar
Hiding myself in gray blue waves
It cycles through patterns of rise and fall
My heart beats here with the world below
Light leads the way to where I go
And everything pulsing in my veins
Repeats to me what I already know

You are the only one
Track Name: Everything
You are everything to me
Everything I need
Don't hold your breath

Too much love to be had in the short days
Endless love just barely in our reach
Love, a reason to breath
Yet breath is so frail

Could our passion be a stream filling oceans
Carried off by the never ending-tide?
Love risen from seas
Your rain, don't hold back
Track Name: Commitment
Why did I hide my words from you?
Why was I hiding in my room?
Don't hide away, don't drown away your soul

I really want the best for you
I've never shown it very well
I had so many chances to give you full confidence

I'll probably let you down again
I'll probably cut you down my friend

I've always been so self-consumed
I've missed so many of my chances
Still I love you, I love you still

The moment now is in your hands
God's given us another chance
I have so much respect for you

But don't give up on me, I've learned to love
The work is hard, the plow is heavy
I cannot say I've always had such commitment
But I do right now, I promise I will tomorrow
Track Name: A Tree
In my dream last night, there was a tree
And when I came up to it, its leaves were wilted
No grass or plants were growing by its base
A ring of deadness surrounded it for two feet

And in my dream last night, I tried to help
But the more I tried to help the more I uprooted it
Its limbs snapped off and its fragile trunk was severed
So I buried it in the ground and let it rot

Deep down in my heart I know you distrust me
But maybe there is something deeper than that

I can only give you what I have
And I know I tend to be too critical
But its only that I don't want you to leave
Or say to me that I'm not valuable

In my dream last night, there was no key
No compass pointing north to give me direction
And if you help me, I'll be better off
But I'll never be like someone on TV

I cannot make anything perfectly
And notice this song is not an apology

I can only give you what I have
And I know I tend to be too critical
But its only that I don't want you to leave
Or say to me that I'm not valuable
Track Name: Sing Your Name
You know I wander away
You know I forget to sing your name
Oh my God
Please forgive me

You are so sure of yourself
You never falter and you never quit
Oh my God
I know you love me

Love starts with you
Only you are consistent
I will take my guidance from you

Sometimes I walk all alone
But then I see my life as meaningless
Oh my God
Put new life into me

Life starts with you
Life ends with you
Life cannot exist without you

Love starts with you
Only you are consistent
I will take my guidance

Oh my God
I know you love me